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Exclusif - Commerciaux débutants ou expérimentés passionnés par l’innovation, l’international, le milieu maritime et les enjeux environnementaux
Plougasnou | NG3 : New Generation, Natural Gas, Natural Growth, | CDI | Commercial
Salaire en € : 25000 - 35000 EUR / an
Description du poste et Missions

NG3 is a young, fast growing, company specialized in innovative equipment's for the shipping industry in order to improve its economical and environmental performance. See and

In particular, NG3 is offering the shore connection solution "PLUG" which allows vessels to connect to port local power grid in order to switch off their Diesel Generator sets or even, in the case of electric or hybrid propulsion, charge their batteries. NG3 is leader on this market, especially in Norway, country the most active in this field. As an example, PLUG equip the world largest hybrid propulsion vessel, Color Hybrid , ship of the year 2019.

More recently, NG3 has delivered a set of PLUG interface for the Hurtigruten Ferry service, from Bergen to the North Cape, with a specific winterized version to cope with artic conditions above the polar circle…

NG3 is, as well, offering as the light weight and compact ECOFLARE board flaring system to provide safety tank pressure relief capability for LNG fuelled vessels. ECOFLARE has been selected to equip the four LNG fuelled cruise ships being built at Chantiers de l'Atlantique.

In synergy with its activity in Norway, NG3 is , as well, importing on France the range of Safety garment’s proposed by the Norwegian company KI- elements , see

Missions :

- You will develop the import business of KI-elements products by direct sales and through the creation of network of agents along the different French regions.

- In support with the design and manufacturing activities you will promote PLUG and ECOFLARE products worldwide, through direct sales and the extension of the present NG3 agent’s network abroad.

- You will be in charge of marketing activities such as participation to relevant exhibitions (SMM Hamburg, Electric Hybrid Amsterdam, Nordshipping Oslo, etc…) , e marketing, etc…

Profil recherché : écoles de commerce or BTS commercial with a strong interest in the greentech maritime sector, eagerness to work in an truly international activity ( beyond Europe, we are planning to develop our activities in Africa, Asia and the Americas) . Experience in the development of a sales agent network would be appreciated.

Stage ou CDI, lieu de travail : Douai puis Plougasnou près de Morlaix.

Profil recherché

commercial familier du milieu maritime ayant expérience import/export

Informations utiles

prime d'objectif

Qui sommes nous ?

PLUG, an acronym for Power Generation during Loading and Unloading, is an innovative shore power cable management system which was introduced to the market as early as 2011, to provide a 4.5 MVA 11 kVolt shore power connection for the Color Magic ROPAX in Oslo, which was followed by the whole Color Line RoPax fleet, as well as the Hurtigruten and Havila RoPax vessels providing the Kysruten route service along the west coast of Norway.

Its main design feature is that it was the world’s first fully “hands off” connection solution of this type of vessel, providing a safe, efficient alternative to solutions based on manual connectors.

As soon as the vessel is at berth, the crew has simply to slide a beam out (above the quay) to which is attached the ship side power socket, and then lower a chain toward the quay side connector.

With this self-mating /de-mating patented connector technology, direct handling of connector and cables is avoided, and operations can be performed by a single crew, within a few minutes.

Beyond this obvious benefit in terms of safety and operational cost, in this period of resources scarcity and pressure to reduce emissions, it is worth pointing out the massive environmental gains brought by this technology.

One such benefit is the speed and ease of operations enabling a quick connection to shore power during shorts stops and to do so, basically, from the first to the last minute of the call. This maximises the overall environmental (and economical!) return on investment of the whole shore power infrastructure, increasing drastically its rate of use, compared to solutions based on manual connectors. As an example, for the Color Line Superspeed 1 and 2 RoPax vessels, shore power was, initially, considered only for the 7 hours long night stay, but it was found quickly that these vessels could be” PLUGGED”, as well, during the one-hour afternoon call, increasing the return on investment of the whole shore power infrastructure by 15 %...while the crew were enjoying an extra hour of noise free engine room.

Secondly, compared to manual connector solutions, PLUG connector and cable weight is not a design constraint, so sizing of the power contacts and cables can be tailored to the need of the project ( for example up to 2000 Ampère under 1000 Volt), within a single connector and set of cables, whereas manual connectors solutions would require several units in parallel, or to raise the power exchange up to 11,000 Volt to reduce the sizing of the cable and connector - generating the need for an on-board step down transformer - whose cost and implementation is a challenge for small vessels and, is anyway, an additional useless dead weight when the vessel is at sea.

Publiée le 17/01/2023

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